Accident Car Removal

Are you not quite sure what to do with that wrecked vehicle of yours? Have you heard that you have to pay to have it towed away? Maybe you can’t find a wrecking yard that will take it off your hands? Then, you need to give Cash for Cars Melton a call. We offer free accident car removals, and we pay cash, as well. Our accident car removals are worth up to $6999 instant cash paid on the spot. Just give us a call today.

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Accident Car Removals

At Cash for Cars Melton, we pay cash for accident cars. We are a top choice in a Melton car removal company and one that our customers have the assurance that they are dealing with a professional. We are fully licensed as an auto buyer, seller and wrecker and have years of experience in the business.

At Cash for Cars Melton, we don’t make you jump through hoops for us to buy your vehicle. Have a vehicle you’d like to get sold, but you don’t have a smog certificate? Not a problem at Cash for Cars Melton. We don’t care if it is an old clunker, we don’t care if it is completely totaled, we don’t even care if it runs or not. We will take your vehicle as is. Our cash for cars and cash for accident cars in fast and simple and pays up to $6999.

Up to $6999 Instant Cash

When you call Cash for Cars Melton, the cash is always instant. We believe in not having our customers wait around for a cheque in the mail, but cold hard cash in their hands at the time we perform our free car removal Melton.
Get instant cash today. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a cash offer on your FREE Melton accident car removal.

Call us at 0432 012 232

We accept every make and model, any age and condition:

Wrecked Car Removals, Used Car Removals, Rusted Car Removals, Accident Car Removals, Salvage Car Removals, New Car Removals, Junk Car Removals, Scrap Car Removals, Flooded Car Removals, Old Car Removals, Used Car Removals, Useless Car Removals, Damaged Car Removals, and more!

And, cars are the only type of vehicle we accept, we accept every type! Whether you have a foreign or domestic truck, van, SUV, commercial vehicle, 4×4, etc. we will buy it. At Cash for Cars Melton, we buy all types of vehicles, running or not.

Just give us a call. And, we will give you a cash offer that is worth up to $6999 cash paid on the spot. Our fast and convenient car removals are why we can offer such good prices on our car removals.

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Cash Cars Melton offers our customers two simple means to obtain a cash offer. Just call the number listed below or complete our “Instant Car Appraisal” form located on this page. We only require the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle and maybe a few other details like the odometer reading, and we can then offer you a cash offer. Just give us a call to see just how close we can get to $6999 on our offer.

Call us at 0432 012 232