About Us

Cash Cars Melton is a professional car removal company in Melton. Unlike other car removal companies, we are fully licensed as a used auto trader and wrecker, offering our customers the peace of mind that they are dealing with a professional. We accept all makes and models of vehicles of any age and condition, offering free car removals as well as paying cash for our customers’ vehicles.

Cash Cars Melton’s cash for cars system is similar to those of other car removal companies, with the exception that we pride ourselves on being the most reputable company in Melton. Our reputation is important to us and how we have become an established car removal company in the business, as well as a first-rate company in the business. When we appraise a vehicle, we are confident that we are up to date on the current market values of the vehicle. We have knowledgeable car appraisers have been in the industry for years and keep current with the market values. Because of their expertise, we can appraise a vehicle with simply a few details like the odometer reading, make, model, age and condition.

We also have a strong focus on the community and a commitment in keeping it green. With strong values, we practice green principles with each vehicle disposal. When our car removers pick up a vehicle for disposal and bring it back to the wrecking yard, they go right to work draining the fluids and dismantling the vehicle taking all the parts out from under the hood, etc. and recycling each for reuse. The metal is also crushed into scrap metal. The process is one that allows us to pay our customers up to $6999 on their car disposal. Our customers also have the peace of mind that they are doing something friendly for the environment. Their vehicle doesn’t go into a landfill and pollute Mother Earth.
We also pride ourselves on convenient car removals. With each free car removal, we perform, all that is required from our customers is simply a phone call. With one phone call,, we can provide them with a car appraisal and schedule a convenient time to pick up their vehicle. We will require our customers to provide us with their photo ID as well as proof of ownership of the vehicle. We provide all the paperwork and bring the cash we offered over the phone with us at the time we perform your free Melton car removal. We also service all locations in Melton, coming to your location to remove your vehicle.

Being a company that is established in the community, we have built a database of lasting customers as well as many word of mouth customers. Knowing the importance of excellence in service and competitive cash offers, we assure our customers that they can count on us to be dependable and reliable. We also offer same day car removals, offered 24 hours a day.

When selling your vehicle, there is no reason not to get an appraisal from Cash Cars Melton. We just might save you the tedious hassles and headaches of fixing and repairing, advertising and meeting with buyers as we pride ourselves on fair and competitive cash offers.

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To obtain a cash offer on your unwanted car removal, give Cash Cars Melton a call. We guarantee up to $6999 on your free car removal.

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